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Hitman est un jeu vidéo d'action-aventure et d’infiltration développé par IO Interactive et édité par Square Enix. Il s'agit de la sixième inscription à la série de jeu vidéo Hitman. Le jeu est proposé au format épisodique en téléchargement à partir du 11 mars 2016 sur Windows, PlayStation 4 et Xbox One.

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  Agent 47 is sent to Paris to assassinate fashion mogul Viktor Novikov and his partner Dalia Margolis. Both are secretly the ring leaders of an international spy ring named IAGO, which plans to expose the identities of several deep cover operatives working for MI6. Infiltrating an exclusive fashion show in Novikov's mansion, 47 manages to assassinate both targets and flees unnoticed. Sometime before his own assassination, Novikov exchanged a file containing all of IAGO's collected secrets to an unknown individual as payment for silencing an investigation against him. The individual then sends a text message to another unknown party while sarcastically wishing Novikov luck on the upcoming fashion show, stating "it will be the one you will be remembered for."
  The level design of the game features a structure similar to that of Hitman: Blood Money, as opposed to the linear structure of Hitman: Absolution. Every level in the game is a small sandbox which can be explored by players. Levels are larger in Hitman, in which the maps in the game are "six to seven times larger than the biggest levels in Absolution". Levels accommodate about 300 non-playable characters (NPCs), with each having different routines and reacting differently to players' actions. Players can save their game anytime during missions. Contracts mode also returned in Hitman. Players can create scenarios and assign NPCs as the assassination targets, with them able to be shared with other players. Instinct mode, which was introduced in Absolution, returned and was simplified.

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