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In Madden NFL 24 delivers a leap forward in NFL player realism with more body definition and variation to athlete physiques resulting in realistic player movement. The newest iteration of FieldSENSE provides an enhanced gameplay foundation, giving you greater control and delivering realism to all the ways you play.
Smarter AI enables smoother and more realistic player action and reaction to the plays you call.
Dive for a winning one-hander with improved catching AI, thread the needle with surgical accuracy using new throw animations.
The ratings and situational awareness of your teammates are now more impactful, giving you confidence they can.
Achieve greatness in your NFL career with game-changing control, thanks to FieldSENSE. Select your position and body type, and customize your Superstar to complete objectives.
Further progress your avatar and play with and against friends in 3v3 matchups. Call your plays on the fly like a dominant superstar, get real-time player grading.
Play new mini games and training camp drills to progress your team. Utilize a more streamlined team relocation feature with new cities and new uniforms to create your own Franchise story.
Develop and progress your dream fantasy roster of current NFL stars and Hall of Fame legends faster with new seasons of content throughout the year.



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