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In The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle Stuff Pack, players can renovate their Sim’s perfect home kitchen, and upgrade to new sleek designs inspired by European kitchen designs. Tap into your best interior design skills with a full set of counters and cabinets and matching appliances, the Oven Stove, Fridge and Dishwasher. From amateur chefs who are looking to make their mark in the kitchen, to food entrepreneurs who are ready to turn cooking into cash, any Sim can live out their cooking dreams.
New Small Appliances, Big Kitchen Upgrade
Small appliances can deliver big results in the kitchen! Your Sims will become pizza pros, chopping toppings and tossing dough before sliding an unfinished pizza into the oven. You’ll have new focaccia bread recipes to experiment with too. You can now cook cupcakes in your own oven!

Sell Your Culinary Creations To Your Neighbors. Sims can become food stand owners and set up shop in different lots, bonding with their customers and witnessing the outcomes of selling their culinary creations.
The ultimate cooking adventure simply wouldn’t be complete without the right cooking attire. With kitchen-ready hairstyles, matching food themed accessories, and aprons for the whole family, to have your Sims looking like serious home chefs! We absolutely love the new kitchen clogs.



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