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Anderson and Wake are two heroes on two desperate journeys in two separate realities, connected at heart in ways neither of them can understand: reflecting each other, echoing each other, and affecting the worlds around them. Supernatural darkness invades Bright Falls, corrupting the locals and threatening the loved ones of both Anderson and Wake. Light is their weapon and their safe haven — against the darkness they face.
Uncover the source of the supernatural darkness in this psychological horror story filled with intense suspense and unexpected twists.
Switch between Anderson’s life-or-death race to solve the case and Wake’s desperate attempts to rewrite his reality to escape the depths of the Dark Place.
Experience two beautiful yet terrifying worlds, each with its own rich cast of characters and deadly threats. Contrasting sharply, attempt to escape the nightmarish cityscape of the Dark Place.
Take on powerful supernatural enemies in desperate close-combat situations. It takes more than just a gun to survive: light is the ultimate weapon in the fight against the darkness and will be your refuge when enemies threaten to overwhelm you.

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