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CAS pieces reflect the build style of the game; a balance between muted and flashy, with lots of pastels and floral patterns. Clothing was inspired by a Scandinavian style.
Buy Mode objects are also inspired by Scandinavian decor. Everything is designed to be mix and matchable; no combination of objects/swatches are going to look too out of place together.
Lots of new items to customize walk-in closets. New items for every room in the house so there’s new stuff to play with no matter what room you’re remodeling. Lots and lots of modular furniture in this pack. Plenty of new clutter and wall art to decorate your shelves and walls.
Four different categories of likes and dislikes; colour, music genre, activities, and decor. The decor category is exclusive to this game pack but the other categories are base game. You can choose multiples likes and dislikes in each category. Kids also have likes and dislikes, minus the decor category.
You must build your reputation to get high profile clients and bigger gigs.
Different gig types. Room Renos: Access to only one room in the building. Room Additions: Adding a new room to the existing foundation. Level Renos: Access to an entire floor of a building. Level Addition: Adding an additional floor onto a building.

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